Our history

Niels and Charletan's Charlie and Charletan's Bessie

Our history - The english version of the article in the Russian Magazine

Last autumn The Russian Dachshund Magazine inquired us about telling a part of the history of our dachshunds and our kennels.


Certainly, we said yes 🙂


Now the issue of the magazine is out. However, since we probably not are the only one who cannot read Russian, we decided to publish the English version of the article here.


Following link is the website of the magazine

In 1979 we decided to get a dachshund. At that moment, we had a standing hound and we wanted a dachshund, so we had a hound for

fox huntingas well. In that way, we would get an excellent combination during hunting, and at the same time a good family dog.


We chose a dachshund because of the character, the good hunting skills and finally because both of us grew up around dachshunds.


Our first dachshund was Bess.

We bought Bess from a local forest ranger. When we arrived there to buy the puppy, he was skinning a roe deer. All the puppies where hanging from the deer skin, and in that moment, we did not have any doubt that we came to the right place.

Furthermore, the forest ranger’s dachshund bitch was mated with a dog of another forest ranger; therefore, we were sure that the hunting skills of the puppies were excellent.

Bess is the ancestress of all our dachshunds.

Bess was an incredible hunting dog. She was a fantastic fox dog (forcing the fox out of the ground). She also retrieved everything from the water; both without ever being coached for that. At the same time, she was a nice and amiable family dog and she accompanied us everywhere.


Bess gave birth to two litters. We decided to keep one of the puppies (a bitch) so we could pass on her good hunting skills.


According to us, the ideal dachshund is wire-haired, typical of the race, and healthy (mental as well as physical). The weight has to be about 8 kg and the anatomy has to be very good. Therefore, we are only breeding off dogs that show all of these traits and obtain good results – in dog shows as well as hunting. A good anatomy and mentality is very important, for a dog to manage a whole day of hunting.

We chose the wire-haired type, because of its willingness to tackle game of any size. The wire-haired dachshunds are tough and have a talent for managing water, snow and frost.

As mentioned before, we passed on the good skills of Bess. With Bess’s grandchild Sporp, gravp, drevp DKJCH, DKBCHD Petit we took an interest in participating in field trail’s above and below the ground.

Since that time, we have taken an active part of dog shows as well as field trails in Denmark and abroad.


When we are choosing stud dogs, we have always been aware of supplying new blood to our bitches. From the beginning, we have studied pedigrees at home and abroad and we are only interested in stud dogs that awarded prizes, at dog shows as well as field trails. We have driven many kilometres to get the most excellent stud dogs for breeding. We are exclusively choosing dogs that are used for practical hunting and passed in the German field trails.– Dogs from Germany and France. All of them possess first-class hunting skills. We have evaluated Germany as a fine place for finding dogs that match our bitches very well – just because there is a bigger selection in Germany.

In Germany, it is easier to find a stud dog with a max. 9 kg weight.


During the period, we also bought some very good dachshunds in Germany - both dog puppies in 8 weeks old, with lots of training and showing both have won many tittles (Sporp, Gravp, Drevp, DKJCH, DKBCHG Jaguar vom Roggenhof FCI)and also older dogs, who already awarded prizes, at dog shows as well as field trails (IACH, HACH, GS 2000, BhFK, BhFN, BhDN, MRV, Ouragan de la Grande Futaie).


It is characteristic of our dogs that they are used for practical hunting, even though they achieved many good championship titles. Our dogs participate in foxhunting, and also hunting game above ground, driving deer to guns for instance. They are also excellent for blood tracking. In addition to hunting, they are also nice family dogs that we can bring everywhere.

When we are breeding off our dogs, we prefer to supply new blood to our bitches and we do not support line breeding. We prefer that our dogs have a good mentality, courageous spirits and furthermore, they have to be eager.


All our puppies are born inside our house. They are living inside our house while growing up and we spend a lot of attention on giving them many different experiences.

We make sure that the puppies learn to be around other dogs and other people. We also make an effort to learn them to be around children.


When we choose the dogs we want to keep ourselves, we will not compromise. We keep the two best from a litter and if they do not develop as expected, we sell them to a hunter or a family. The dogs we are keeping must be able to manage dog shows as well as hunting. If we just once made a compromise, it is because we want to keep a dog because of its bloodline.

When the breeding dogs become too old to have puppies, they stay with us and get a nice life as seniors. They are participating in hunting as long as they are able to.


Right from the beginning, we said that we wanted to keep the line of Bess – and we did that with Bine (daughter of Bess). When the grandchild of Bess, Sporp, Gravp. Drevp DKBCHD, DKJCHPetit, for the first time should mate with a he-dog, we drove to GS 1994, LS 1994, BS 1995, DTCh VDH, DtCh  Charles vom Ahlsenseein Germany. It was 1996 and at that time we got our kennels mark CHARLETAN’s. Since that time there has been no let-up… CHARLETAN’s has made many nice dogs since then.

We named our Kennel Chareltan, because we would like a name that contained Charles vom Ahlsensee or “Charlie” as we called him.  He was one of our best dogs at the time


Some of the dogs we have bred ourselves are:


Sporp, Gravp. Drevp DKBCHD, DKJCHPetit (bitch)

Sporp, Gravp, Drevp DKJCH, DKBCHG Charletan’s Alexa (bitch) –daughter of Petit

DKCHG, VDHCH, INTCH, KLBCH, Gravp Charletan’s Bessie (Bitch) – daughter of Petit

DKCHS, VDH Es 2001, KBHV 99, VDHCH, INTCH, DKBCHG, KLBCH Gravp, sporp Charletan’s Charlie (dog) –son of Petit

Gravp DKBCHG, Charletan’s Loch Maree (bitch) – daughter of Petit

Gravp, Sporp, Drevp. DKJCH, DKBCHG Charletan’s Douglass (dog) -son of Charletan’s Alexa

Gravp, DKBCHG Charletan’s Jülich (dog) -son of Charletan’s Loch Maree

Gravp. DKBCHG Charletan’s Viva-Alexa (bitch) -daughter of Charletan’s Alexa

Gravp, DKBCHG Charletan’s Opal (dog) -son of Charletan’s Loch Maree

DKJCH, DTKjCH, LJS 06, BjS 06, DKCHG Gravp Charletan’s Yuppie (bitch) -daughter of Charletan’s Loch Maree

Gravp, Drevp, Sporp DKJCH, DKBCHG Charletan’s Uri (dog) -son of Charletan’s Loch Maree

Gravp DKBCHG Charltetan’s Gisell (Bitch) -daughter of Charletan’s Alexa


Altogether, dogs from our kennels have obtained 28 championship tittles – shared between 12 different dogs. In addition to this, many of our other dogs, or dogs bred from our stud dogs, have obtained very high points at various tests. Moreover, a big part of them are winners of various tests and have been Best of breed - BOB at dog shows.


During the time we have sold dogs to several European countries, Norway, Germany, Holland, Spain, England, West Africa and the Faeroe Islands. A big part of those dogs were used for practical hunting, and participating in dog shows as well. For instance, Charletan’s Britney became the best dachshund bitch at the Klubsieger Dog Show 2007in theSpanish Dachshund Club.


At the Bundesieger dog show 2007in Dortmund Sporp Gravp Charletan’s Young Lady V1. VDH cac, DTK Cac obtained results.


In different shows we have entered ore breeders’ classes and all with good results.


Right now we have quiet a lot of young dogs. All of them have the potential for various titles in exhibitions and field trails.

All of them come from Bess’s line.

We will continue to take an active part in field trail and in dog shows in Denmark and abroad. Furthermore, we will continue to use the absolute best dogs for breeding – the dogs that manage dog shows as well as hunting very well. The weight has to be about 8 kg and the anatomy has to be very good .


Recently we bought a dog in Germany. Now he is 5 months old and we want to watch and see he develops. He is going to take part in various dog shows and field trails. But we will only use him for breeding if he obtains some good results.